Welcome to Public Resources Advisory Group

Public Resources Advisory Group (PRAG) is an independent financial and investment advisory firm headquartered in New York City. PRAG has offices in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, St. Petersburg and Oakland. Since the firm’s founding in 1985, it has advised on over $702 billion of financings for a variety of state and local governments, authorities, agencies, and not-for-profit entities.

About PRAG

PRAG was founded in 1985 to provide in-depth support to state and local governments, authorities and agencies and other not-for-profit entities.

Our Services

PRAG has a proven record of developing debt, derivative and investment programs and providing high-level analysis and product innovation.

Our Clients

PRAG serves as financial advisor to some of the largest, most sophisticated issuers in the country as well as smaller issuers that demand top quality advice.

Our Offices

PRAG is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, St. Petersburg and Oakland, and with a clientele that spans the country.